The Launch of Twenty First Century Health

Thanks for stopping by. We are Nancy and Tim Martin, founders of Twenty First Century Health.   This has been a fast 3 months to get this business and website ready to go by April 1, 2011.  No, it’s not an April Fools Day joke…haha!  We are truly serious about helping people live a healthier life and to educate the community on just how easy it is to make a HUGE difference to our environment.

Since Tim and I met in 2005, married in 2008 we have been on one BIG adventure since then, just having a ball. We know the seriousness of the pollution on our planet and the need for better health, and we know that we will need to address this at the local level before anything can be changed on the big picture.  Pockets of momentum are happening all over the world.  We just need to pull these pockets together and connect us together to change our future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.  So my friends and family, the time is now!  We would like to meet with like-minded individuals, groups, companies, associations and business owners on how you can catch the wave of making a permanent life–style change that will effect your entire family, community and beyond through the introduction of Structured Water.

Now we don’t want to minimize the importance of our herbs.  We will be adding more and more herbs as we go. However, we are also wanting to grow our herbal business with you in mind. Please contact us to let us know what herbs might be best for your health.  If you don’t know, let us know what you are experiencing and we may be able to point you in the direction of better health.  If you are looking for an herb and we don’t have it, simply contact us and we will do the searching.  That is the main reason for so few herbs at the moment.  We want to meet your needs, and have what you want on hand.  Developing a customer base on what our customers want to ensure their good health.