Those Who Have It, Have This To Say...

Water’s Edge System

I installed our Water’s Edge System in October of 2009. Fantastic taste improvement, immediately. Our home has the latest in Water Softener technology; it only softens the water if needed. Since installing the Water’s Edge System, in 120 days, we have not used any noticeable salt in our brine tank. Chlorine taste is gone, showers in the morning feel just great, and our towels are only half as wet, due to the fact the water is wetter and just runs off. I can’t wait to see how it makes my garden grow! Talk about an environmentally green product. No more buying & hauling expensive bottled water for me!!
D. Clark – Fertile, Iowa

If I wanted to lift weights I’d go to the gym instad of lugging bottles of water around. With this system I never need to buy bottled water again. Also, in 7 months we have only used 1 bag of water softener salt, instead of the one 40 lb. bag per month we used to use. Impressive engineering, and it’s American made! Way to go!
-A.C., Iowa

Our city’s water source is a lake, the city puts a high chlorine content in the water; the taste varies through out the year–from not good to very bad!! After installing my Water’s Edge unit, taste is greatly improved, my shower walls stay clean, and my hair has more body and is improved with very few split ends now. Amazing product!
-Holly, Longview, Texas

I personally know the management of the Water’s Edge System. Being a business lady, I like to confirm and check the information out first hand. I was satisfied with what I learned and installed one in my home. It worked just like the literature said it would. I did an experiment on my garden. The main garden got unconditioned water and a few potted bell peppers and tomatoes received the Water’s Edge structured water. My garden had normal growth and the potted plants that received structured water were twice as big and produced twice as much and are still yielding fruit, while my garden is done for the season.
I have ordered three more units for my various properties after my positive results. One is going into a summer home in the mountains.
We took a drive to the mountain home, and brought along some structured water in jugs. Once you start drinking the improved water, you don’t want to drink anything else. It was a long drive to the mountain home. When we got there, I got out the water bowl for our little dog. I knew he had to be thirsty. Our “baby” just sniffed the water, had a small taste of it, and turned around and looked at me so sad like, why would you give me that? I waited for a while to see if our little dog would drink the water, he refused to touch it. So I went to the car and got the bottle of our structured water and cleaned and refilled the bowl with the good water. Our “baby” just lapped it up like ice cream. Now, you can’t train an animal to do that.
My other two Water’s Edge units are commercial units that will be installed in another state on apartment complexes. This product will pay for itself on less maintance and much better water for my tenants. I’m very please with the results.
EQ – Porterville, California

We purchased our Water’s Edge unit because close friends had told us about it. They had purchased one for their home and RV unit and were very pleased with the results. We installed one in our older home and it improved the taste of the water, and did everything that we were told it would do. Very reasonable priced. My husband has been in business for years, so it was a pleasure to see a local manufactured product work so well.
Johnson, South Dakota

I live in the “lower valley” area of Rapid City, SD. The water in the valley is very poor quality, with an abundance of lime scale and sometimes iron in the water. We have all the problems that you would expect with high lime scale & rust, faucets, showerheads, scale rings in the toilets, coffee makers do not last more than a few months, rust spots and staining in the toilets and basins. Our water pressure is very low due to a well pump that needs replacing. We installed the Water’s Edge system without the water filter system due to low water pressure. We noticed a big improvement in taste & less scale & rust problems. It worked for me like magic! We like the product. If we could install the filter system, we would have even better results.
Diana, Rapid City, SD