Our Story
...and our Mission.

A New Chapter

Tim and I launched our business, Twenty First Century Health, as the distributor of the unique Water’s Edge System for home/business water treatment.  There’s nothing like it on the market at the moment.  We are dedicating ourselves to offering seminars [about the new technology] and educating people about water.  The Water’s Edge System will be the heart of the business, however, we also offer hard-to-find medicinal herbs, salves and tinctures from around the world to further your health benefits as the soul of our business.

It is our mission to bring better health to families across the country, around the world.  We are here to make a difference in the lives we touch with structured water to unique herbs and tinctures.  Trust, family & friends, peace, joy and happiness.  Is there anything else?

Water – More Than Meets the Eye

At the core of Water’s Edge is “structured water,” which is a kind of water found in nature.  The water from a mountain stream twists and turns as it goes down the side of a mountain.  This twisting and turning is like a vortex process which is what Water’s Edge is all about.  The Water’s Edge System filters, treats and conditions tap water with a similar vortex motion, so that it can regain the properties of living water.
“Structured Water” molecules differ in size from unstructured tap water, enabling them to go into the cells and hydrate cells more effectively, detoxifying the body naturally.  The molecules surround anything that’s not suppose to be in the body (foreign bodies) and flushes it out of the body.

Getting Hooked Up

Tim and his son Gregg installed the system in our home.  They approached it as a weekend project.  Meaning…they would work a few hours on Saturday then finished up on Sunday.  Everyone has a way they like to work and that is ours.   We live in Texas and if you know the homes in Texas we have to dig to get to the water pipe…about a foot down.  Start to finish, if you stay with the program you can install this in an afternoon.  In other parts of the country the point of water entry to the home is in the basement or in the garage. Installation goes much quicker in those areas of the country.  If you are a plumber, handyman or a handy homeowner you can install this unit too.  Because it attaches at the point of entry to the house, the unit processes all the water that feeds both the inside and outside of the home.  An additional filter comes with the Water’s Edge System.  We like the added benefit of filtering particulate matter and chlorine coming through the pipes.  You can change the filter as often as you like, but we recommend 4 times a year with our smaller unit and twice yearly with our larger unit.

Door’s Open, Come On In

As soon as we understood the fundamentals of Water’s Edge, we knew we wanted to be involved.  We both feel this is the direction God wants us to go so we are off and running.  We are people who believe that God has a plan for our lives.  We just have to “tune in” and He will show us the way.

My career began in the cosmetic industry.  I enjoyed the training, makeup artistry and business, but as a single parent at the time, I simply crashed and burned from working too many hours.  I found myself with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Through research back in the 80’s at the library and through a very resourceful pharmacist I learned four things about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…one…I need to exercise.  Two…I  need to take specific supplements and three…I need to sleep.  Now that was something I didn’t seem to get enough of on a regular basis. Four…eat healthier.   If I stay with the program I would do just fine.  If I was off the program, well let’s just say I would end up with another bout of this disorder and would be in bed for a few weeks to a month or so.

In 2008 my Mom was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer.  A few weeks later Tim and I took a trip to our summer home in Quray Colorado.  We went to visit with our Naturopathic doctor in Ridgeway and she mentioned that bladder cancer is caused by chemicals.  Chemicals that come through the bladder and cause cells to mutate.  We are heavily bombarded by chemicals everyday from our water we drink to the food we eat and the air we breath. One big factor for me were the chemicals in the skincare and makeup I applied to my clients face everyday.  Mom used those products too and the” light” went on.  I was already on the road to a more natural lifestyle, so I decided to leave the industry.  Right after I made my decision, yet while I was still working as a makeup artist, Inga at Market Street in McKinney Texas said to me as I was shopping the the store, “Excuse me, I am suppose to ask you if you need a job.”  Her intuition/guidance led her to ask me that question.  Well…one thing led to another and I opened up the Supplements & Natural Body Care Department at the new Market Street in Allen, Texas as the Manager/Specialist.  I can honestly say that I have met some of the most interesting, most beautiful people at Market Street both Guests and Team Members that I have ever met in my life.  Honest, genuine folks coming through the department with various situations of health going on and doing the research with them to help them find relief from their health issues, has been most rewarding for me.  Market Street is a traditional grocery store with a flare for Natural Health and Organics.  A little bit for everyone.  Team Members come to Market Street for a whole host of reasons and from varied backgrounds, including retired company owners, CEO’s, Makeup Artists, (ME), airplane mechanics, teachers, and one special lady who works 2 full-time jobs and somehow always keeps a smile on her face.  I am blessed to have such wonderful people bless my path.

My husband Tim began his career writing video games.  He was the Founder of several High Tech Companies along the way. One interesting game he wrote back in 1984, Spelunker, came back into his life to launch once again world-wide. It’s been fun for him to talk with fans in Japan who have an absolute love/hate passion for the game. Gamers claim it is one of the most challenging games on the market to date.

A few years ago

Now…a new calling…a new venture with my wonderful husband Tim and off we go to meet more interesting, wonderful folks who want to take care of their families while taking responsibility for their piece of the world by catching the wave of no more plastic water bottles invading our landfills and oceans.  Catch the wave and come ride with us!

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